The Learning Environment - Promoting Literacy, Language and Learning

By engaging in our services we can provide a range of learning opportunities for you and your staff.  Consulting sessions can be made to tailor your specific needs.

1.Observations and evaluations  

How are the indoor and outdoor spaces set up for exploration and play varying in resources, materials and opportunities to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively with a specific focus to building literacy readiness?  Creating intentional opportunities to build promote deeper connections to building literacy readiness in the early years.

2. How is the learning captured and evaluated?

  •  How is the data collated and stored?
  •  Goals and milestones achieved
  •  Learning stories and learning portfolios
  •  How are children assessed?
  •  How are programs evaluated?
  •  Do the educators have input into the planning and delivery of the curriculum / program?
  •  How is the learning recorded?
  •  How is the learning observed?


3. Design and implement – Program and curriculum design

  • Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)
  • Program and curriculum design and evaluation using reflective tools
  • Quality and engaging learning – that supports a child / children’s needs and interests
  • Understanding and knowing the child as a learner
  • Designing specific and intentional learning experiences that deepen literacy connections
  • Support with planning programs
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Support and template design to record learning stories and identifying learning outcomes achieved


4. Professional Development Workshops

Our skills and expertise can support building understanding in literacy development in your educators in a wide range of areas supporting the Teaching and Learning Cycle.

  •  Communication and language
  •  Promoting authentic learning opportunities
  •  Exploring rich and authentic conversations with children where the focus is on “where to next”
  •  Effective questioning strategies” that promote conversations and language development


5. Execute and Reflect

  • Apply new learnings and understandings into planning and practice
  • Develop reflective practices
  • Setting goals for continuous improvement and development of skills and capacity
  • Developing thinking routines and tools are currently being used to enhance the educator?

Frameworks and funding 

At Building Literacy,  we will work collaboratively to identify key learning outcomes  to tailor workshops to meet your centre’s needs based on your Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) in accordance with the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and the National Quality Framework and National Quality Standards.

Building Literacy can support you and your staff to build continuous improvement in learning outcomes, principles and practice in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework.

We align our practices with current and up to date evidence based research, best practice teaching and learning, current initiatives, programs and essential  curriculum documentation, frameworks and policies at a national, state, region and centre based level.

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Specialising in building understanding in literacy development in the early years. 

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Specialising in building literacy skills and confidence through play, exploration and engagement.