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Specialising in developing literacy readiness, awareness, confidence and skills in the early years.

Working with Early Childhood services to evaluate and monitor improved opportunities to build literacy readiness through intentional learning and development of building a child’s oral language skills. we will work with you and your educators in order to provide professional development in accordance to the individual needs of the centre to enhance improved learning outcomes.

By working with Early Childhood Services in a range of ways to create opportunities to strive for continuous improvement in teaching and learning outcomes.

We strive to help strengthen and support their programs by identifying ways to intentionally promote literacy skills and develop literacy readiness in children and build on educators’ capacity in literacy development to identify moments to develop and extend on a child’s disposition to learning. Our programs include:

Frameworks and funding 

At Building Literacy,  we will work collaboratively to identify key learning outcomes  to tailor workshops to meet your centre’s needs based on your Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) in accordance with the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and the National Quality Framework and National Quality Standards.

With the federal funding for Long Day Care Professional Development Programme (LDCPDP)  Building Literacy can support you and your staff to build continuous improvement in learning outcomes, principles and practice in accordance with the  Early Years Learning Framework,

We align our practices with current and up to date evidence based research, best practice teaching and learning, current initiatives, programs and essential  curriculum documentation, frameworks and policies at a national, state, region and centre based level.

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Our Programs

Specialising in building understanding in literacy development in the early years. 

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Specialising in building literacy skills and confidence through play, exploration and engagement.