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Readiness - Exploration - Awareness - Skills - Confidence

Specialising in developing literacy readiness, awareness, confidence and skills in the early years.

At Building Literacy, we specialise in developing literacy readiness, awareness, confidence and skills in the early years by providing a range of products and services such as Consulting, Professional Development sessions, Workshops for educators and Workshops for parents.  By building literacy skills and confidence in educators and literacy understandings in parents helps all involved to build literacy readiness in young children. Building a strong literacy foundation in children, promotes a positive and confident start to when formal learning commences.

At Building Literacy we are passionate and enthusiastic about supporting the Early Childhood sector and educators in building their understanding in literacy development. It has been through extensive experience, knowledge, observations and research as an educator and instructional leader in all aspects of literacy teaching and learning that has been the driving force behind establishing our business.  Being a catalyst for embedding the Teaching and Learning Cycle into practice and striving for continuous improvement and learning is our core business.  From designing robust curriculum, administering and analysing assessments and evaluations to inform teaching and planning for differentiation, professional development sessions to build on teacher’s capacity and confidence when working with curriculum frameworks and implementing initiatives and modelling and coaching best practice literacy lessons has equipped us with identifying specific skills and understandings to design products and services to build on educators’ capacity in literacy in the early years to enhance building literacy readiness in young children and helping to develop a more seamless transition into primary school.

By working with Early Childhood Services in a range of ways to create opportunities to strive for continuous improvement in teaching and learning outcomes.

Building Literacy aims to: Build understanding in literacy development by:

  • Building Literacy Content Knowledge in Teachers and Educators
  • Building Literacy Readiness in Children
  • Building Literacy Awareness in Parents and Caregivers

We strive to help strengthen and support their programs by identifying ways to intentionally promote literacy skills and develop literacy readiness in children and build on educators’ capacity in literacy development to identify moments to develop and extend on a child’s disposition to learning.

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Specialising in building understanding in literacy development in the early years. 

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Specialising in building literacy skills and confidence through play, exploration and engagement.